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Streamline Purchase Orders

Automate purchasing workflow, enhance communication, minimize financial risk with Zapro’s purchase order software.

Purchase Order Creation

Manual Entry

Catalog-Based POs

Purchase Requisitions (PRs) to POs

Direct Email Invoice-to-PO Conversion

Approval Based Email Invoice-to-PO Conversion

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

Bulk Upload

Integrated with ERP or Accounting Systems

API Integration

PO Templates

Order Tracking

Analytics and Visualizations

Audits and Tracking


Receipt Management

Receipt Creation

Real-time Receipt Tracking

Document Attachments

Audit Trails and Compliance

Mobile Accessibility

User Permissions and Security

Notifications and Alerts

Get the most from our solutions with these additional features

Change Purchase Orders
Easily cancel and confirm POs with a single click. Foster seamless collaboration with suppliers and streamline order deliveries.
Purchase Order Tracking
Effortlessly monitor receivables, approve change orders, and track invoice balances directly from your purchase orders.
Vendor Collaboration
Seamlessly integrate purchase orders with supplier systems. Select from manual, systematic, or customized dispatch options.
Purchase Request
Simplify requests and approvals, drive compliance, control company spending effortlessly.
Maintain a detailed record of activities and transactions, promoting transparency, accountability, and compliance in automated procurement
Chart of Accounts
Effortlessly categorize expenditures into precise dimensions, including cost center, GL, category, and others. Tailored to your FP&A specifications.

Zapro automates and optimizes purchase orders with AI. Creates accurate POs, enforces approvals, integrates suppliers, and provides spend analytics. Transforms procurement productivity.