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Achieve 150% ROI in just one year

Elevate Your AP Automation By Seamlessly Integrating Your ERP with
Zapro AP Automation Software

Elevate Your AP Automation By Seamlessly Integrating Your ERP with
Zapro AP Automation Software

Achieve 150% ROI in just one year

Elevate Your AP Automation By Seamlessly Integrating Your ERP with
Zapro AP Automation Software

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Frequently Asked Questions

AP automation involves utilizing software to streamline typical vendor invoice tasks, leading to enhanced security, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness in accounts payable processes. It primarily focuses on tasks like paperless document management, invoice processing, purchase order matching, and payment reconciliation.

Unlike traditional methods burdened by manual data entry and overheads, AP automation software simplifies the entire accounts payable cycle. This enables teams to scale without increasing personnel, obtain clearer insights into financial data, and achieve a faster financial close by up to 25%.

Compared to outsourcing accounts payable, using software offers a more accessible, adaptable, and economical solution.
Electronic Invoicing (e-Invoicing) refers to the exchange of invoices between a supplier and a buyer in a seamlessly integrated digital format. Despite often being unaware, many companies are already engaged in sending and receiving EDI invoices.

The key feature of electronic invoices lies in their strategic centrality. They consolidate all essential invoicing and supplier relationship information into a universally accessible cloud database.

Moreover, electronic invoices typically necessitate an electronic purchase order for processing. In an automated system, a digital purchase order serves as the sole means to authenticate orders made by an authorized company or employee.
AP software optimizes the accounts payable process by targeting key areas where manual labor causes inefficiencies, such as invoice processing, mass payments, data entry, and price matching.

Upon receipt of an invoice, the AP software extracts all relevant data and automatically compares line items with synced purchase order information—a process known as PO matching. It then directs the invoice to the appropriate approvers. Upon approval, the software seamlessly transfers invoice data to an integrated ERP system while securely archiving invoices and audit trails.

Advanced AP automation solutions extend beyond basic functionalities to enhance vendor management processes, manage tax forms, generate reports, and automate payments globally.

The benefits of AP automation are manifold. By leveraging automation software, accounts payable teams can reduce costs, eliminate repetitive tasks, and gain better visibility and control over financial data. Additionally, it facilitates cash flow management and enables the capture of early payment discounts.
To expand your AP team effectively, automation becomes the natural progression. AP software facilitates team growth by enabling touchless invoice processing, cost savings, fostering stronger vendor relationships, minimizing risks, and ensuring seamless integration.

With automation, payments are consistently made on schedule, ensuring timely and accurate transactions every time. This strengthens supplier relationships and preserves partnerships, while also preventing any penalties associated with late payments.
Automation significantly reduces the AP segment of the procure-to-pay cycle time, making it a best practice for enhancing the AP workflow. By eliminating the need for manual invoice processing and alleviating the associated workload, it facilitates quicker book closures.

The system autonomously verifies vendors and validates invoices before routing approval requests to the appropriate personnel within the organization. Essentially, it fully automates the AP invoice approval process.

For two-way approval, the system automatically matches the invoice to the electronic purchase order. Meanwhile, three-way approval necessitates the inclusion of a receiving report along with the purchase order and invoice documents.
In your search for top-notch accounts payable software, prioritize solutions that excel in identifying duplicate payments.

Zapro offers robust financial controls and cutting-edge artificial intelligence capabilities specifically designed to detect duplicate invoices seamlessly within your accounts payable workflow. From the initial upload of an invoice to its approval stage and integration with other systems, Zapro’s system meticulously scans for duplicates. Should a potential duplicate be detected, users receive an urgent notification, ensuring swift action and resolution.
AP automation enhances global supplier management through various means.

This platform promptly notifies merchants upon invoice payment. Real-time status updates are also available for unpaid invoices, ensuring stakeholders stay informed via email alerts.

Furthermore, these notifications aid in simple vendor management by alerting vendors when payment information updates are necessary. This includes details such as VAT, W-8, and W-9 forms.

AP automation software fosters stronger vendor partnerships, contributing to a competitive edge. Such relationships are built on transparency and mutual respect. Consequently, vendors are more inclined to provide increased support or supply when needed, further solidifying the partnership.
ERP system integrations focus on identifying back-end processes that benefit from streamlined AP automation. Zapro offers pre-built integrations with popular ERP and accounting systems such as Sage Intacct, NetSuite, and QuickBooks Online.

Our integrations enable seamless syncing of bill and payment data from the Zapro platform to your accounting system in real time. This accelerates reconciliation by automatically syncing payment details. The level of integration is tailored to your specific needs and workflow requirements.
Accounts payable automation software enhances the organization of an AP department by delineating responsibilities both internally and externally.

Effective segregation of AP duties is essential for robust internal controls, aiming to prevent fraud, align responsibilities, and redefine roles to accommodate automation.

These measures collectively save time and money for the company while enhancing the workflow of the accounts payable process.
B2B payment processing with AP automation software involves several key steps. The accounts payable process acts as a safeguard for funds, enhancing oversight by providing a comprehensive view of B2B payment cycles and analyzing accounts payable metrics. This underscores the critical importance of AP software for small businesses.

Regarding B2B payments, there is a noticeable shift towards ACH transfers as the preferred payment method. Each year, check remittances continue to decline while wire transfers are increasingly favored. This trend highlights the growing recognition among companies of the advantages offered by AP automation software.

Zapro streamlines procurement with AI-powered AP Automation. Automates approvals, enforces policy, and provides visibility into spending. Intuitive yet powerful.

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