Simplify Purchasing From
Requests To Payments

Zapro automates complex processes, making it easier for your team to
manage procurement easily.

Purchasing made so effortless, you won't even require a manual

Explore hosted and punch-out catalogs for a smooth purchasing experience, empowering employees while maintaining control over vendors and products.

Real-time budget tracking

Equip decision-makers with instant access to budget status for informed purchasing approvals, guaranteeing ongoing budget control

Spend visibility and control

Tailor your approval processes extensively, adjusting to various factors such as user roles, expenditure amounts, product categories, and beyond.

Discover Procure-to-Pay
Software Features

Automated Purchase Order Processing

Zapro’s procure-to-pay software assists your team in navigating the purchasing process, highlighting preferred products and services in search results to notify employees of discounted pricing and other beneficial terms.

Invoice Management and Automation

With Zapro’s P2P software, invoice capture, validation, and approval workflows are simplified and automated. 

This streamlines the invoice processing, optimizes cash flow, and reduces the risk of late payments or duplicate payments, leading to improved financial management.

Vendor Relationship Management

Zapro centralizes vendor information, tracks performance metrics, and facilitates effective collaboration with vendors. 

By providing insights into supplier performance and enabling better negotiation terms, Zapro helps ensure supply chain resilience and drives cost savings.

Budget Monitoring and Control

Zapro offers real-time visibility into budget utilization, allowing businesses to set spending limits and enforce approval workflows. 

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Access comprehensive spend analytics, track key performance indicators, and generate customizable reports to gain actionable insights, optimize procurement strategies, and drive informed decision-making.

From buying to billing,
personalized for your fulfilling

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