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About Zapro solutions

When everything is going well it’s easy to feel like you’re in the right place. But Zapro stands out when there’s a problem, and we work to solve it without getting tense, still treating each other well. It’s time finance professionals stop wrestling with spreadsheets and painful expense reports.

Enter Zapro

Zapro was founded in 2021 with the goal of providing comprehensive and affordable Business Spend Management solutions that cover all spend categories and vendors.

The founders, Mohammed Kafil and Daniel Sagayaraj, met while working at Voonik and shared a common vision of taking a local business to a global level.

They noticed that there were many startups and incumbent players in the spend management space, but none of them offered a complete solution that was affordable for most businesses. They set out to solve this problem by creating a single software solution that handles all spend and vendors, and provides micro-level intelligence to users.


Saving in your business spending


Reduction in manual errors


Savings guaranteed minimum


Increase in operational efficiency
95% of Zapro users give our solutions 4 or 5 stars.

Our Leadership

Chief Executive Officer

Mohammed Kafil

Experienced B2B Commerce strategist and expert in eProcurement, specializing in driving business growth and efficiency. At Zapro, we recognized the challenges faced by businesses in handling their expenses across multiple categories and dealing with various vendors. To tackle this issue head-on, we embarked on a journey to create a singular, all-encompassing software solution. Our goal was ambitious, yet driven by a passion for simplifying the complexities of financial management. Since our inception in 2021, our mission has been crystal clear: to provide comprehensive and affordable Business Spend Management solutions that encompass all spend categories and vendors.

Chief Technical Officer

Daniel Sagayaraj

Daniel Sagayaraj, an accomplished CTO renowned for his results-oriented approach and distinctive background in software engineering and design. With specialized expertise spanning web applications, infrastructure, eCommerce, and product design, Daniel brings a dynamic perspective to the technology landscape. His visionary leadership and mastery of diverse domains underscore his ability to navigate complex challenges and drive transformative outcomes with precision and innovation.

Head - Customer Success & Operations

Srikanth Saminathan

Srikanth Saminathan, a founding member of our team, currently spearheads Customer Success and Operations. His multifaceted background seamlessly blends an MBA from Oxford Brookes University with an engineering degree from Bharathiar University, equipping him with a unique blend of business acumen and technical proficiency.

As the Head of Customer Success & Operations, Srikanth has cultivated an extensive expertise in client solutions and project delivery of our proprietary software products. With an unwavering focus on value delivery and Data Management, he adeptly integrates program and product expertise, ensuring a cohesive and tailored experience for our clients.

Head of Marketing

Dilip Kumar

Meet Dilip Kumar, an adept Head of Marketing with a proven track record in the SaaS industry. With a keen understanding of Consumer Behavior, Digital Marketing, and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), Dilip stands out as an experienced Growth Marketer. His history of driving growth through innovative strategies underscores his proficiency in navigating the dynamic landscape of marketing, making him a valuable asset in maximizing business success.

VP of Engineering

Bharath Kumar

Bharath Kumar, A Versatile software engineer with 10+ years of diverse industry experience in designing and developing products. Competence in programming skills(strong in Ruby, open to others as well) following the best coding practices(DRY, SOLID, TDD etc) in an agile and trunk based development along with continuous integration and delivery. Also equally showcased mentorship & leadership as and when needed. Drove the design and architecture for some of the systems from scratch and developed internal and public APIs. He brings his immense work experience on the integrations with third party payment gateway and BNPL(Buy now pay later).

VP of Engineering

Rahul M

Meet Rahul M, an accomplished professional with an impressive tenure in software development. As the Vice President of Backend Engineering, Rahul has honed his skills in backend architecture, NoSQL database management, and API development. His acute focus on performance optimization and streamlining processes has consistently yielded cutting-edge solutions. With a rich portfolio of successes, Rahul stands as a testament to the power of experience and innovation in driving impactful outcomes within the dynamic landscape of technology.

Board Member

Sujayath Ali

Board Member

Navaneetha Krishnan

Board Member

Akhil Sikri

The tool is incredibly easy to use and has allowed us to automate many of our AP tasks, such as invoice processing, without sacrificing accuracy or efficiency.


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Request for best quotes, manage contracts & track savings

Automated Procurement

Create, approve, track and process PR's & PO’s

AP Automation

3-Way Match, OCR, Tolerance & Streamlined Payments