Manual purchase order processes often act as a vortex, consuming copious amounts of paperwork, time, and resources, while leaving purchasing teams in the dark. This leads to project delays, heightened confusion, and a lack of transparency regarding the process.

Despite their importance, purchase orders are managed amidst the constant pressure for efficiency and cost-saving measures within purchasing teams. They are tasked with maximizing savings, streamlining purchasing processes, and controlling expenditures, all while grappling with an often-convoluted process.

To break free from the inefficiencies of manual PO processes, organizations need to seek alternative solutions that offer a streamlined approach. A robust purchase order tracking solution like Zapro Procurement eliminates concerns about PO mix-ups or erroneous invoice payments.

With Zapro Procurement, businesses can navigate around the complexities of manual processes, ensuring accurate tracking and efficient management of purchase orders.

What is purchase order tracking? Why is it important?

Purchase order tracking, also referred to as a PO tracking system, is a software application utilized to monitor the real-time status of purchase orders. Whether implemented as cloud-based software or on-premise, it facilitates the electronic handling of purchase orders for efficient and streamlined processing.

This system aids businesses in managing the entire purchase order cycle, from creation to approval. By providing procurement teams with a tool to identify and eliminate inefficiencies in purchase order processing, these trackers enhance overall procurement operations.

Here are five reasons why a purchase order tracking system outperforms traditional methods:

  • Time-saving automation of purchase order creation, routing, and approval processes.
  • Improved storage and accessibility of a pipeline of purchase orders.
  • Standardization of processes, eliminating the need for reinvention with each purchase order.
  • Ensured compliance with policies, regulations, and contractual agreements.
  • Facilitation of optimized organizational spending through accurate and consistent tracking.

Pain points of manual purchase order tracking

There are scant arguments to justify clinging to outdated methods of handling processes with paper forms, emails, and spreadsheets. The digital alternative reigns supreme, offering unparalleled efficiency and unwavering consistency.

With digital systems, every purchase request is promptly approved or denied, triggering the initiation of a purchase order. The risk of lost or mishandled purchase orders due to missed email notifications or misplaced data is virtually eradicated.

The pain points of the traditional purchase order process are displayed in the image below:

purchase order tracking

How to track purchase orders efficiently?

The purchase order process no longer needs to rely on excessive paperwork and repetitive tasks. Modern technological solutions such as purchase order tracking software enable organizations to seamlessly monitor all aspects of purchasing and payment.

This software streamlines the process, reducing manual labor and paperwork, while enhancing accuracy and consistency across the entire purchase order cycle. With efficient procurement cloud software like Kissflow, businesses can mitigate concerns about mixing up purchase orders or making incorrect invoice payments.

Organizations can eliminate the need to sift through overflowing email inboxes and spreadsheets to track purchase orders. Purchasers can access essential details such as order dates, vendor information, and original purchase requests with just a click.

Features to look for in a digital purchase order system

A digital procurement solution like Kissflow Procurement Cloud revolutionizes purchase order tracking. Beyond eliminating paperwork and reducing manual errors, it ensures transparency and lowers operational costs throughout the procure-to-pay cycle. Not only does it enhance accuracy and speed up execution, but it also boosts process efficiency within the purchase order workflow.

Key features essential for purchase order software include:

Efficient Purchase Order Creation

Swiftly generate purchase orders by automatically populating data from purchase requisitions.

Automated 3-Way Matching

Ensure accuracy and efficiency by automatically matching purchase orders with related invoices and requisitions before approving invoices.

Dynamic Reporting

Identify bottlenecks and delays in purchase orders with real-time insights from visually rich reports.

Cloud-Based Storage Solution

Effortlessly store, access, and approve purchase orders through centralized cloud-based storage.

Customized Access Controls

Securely maintain purchasing information with role-based permissions, granting user-specific and conditional access controls.

Automated Notifications

Prompt timely actions from stakeholders with automated reminders ensuring smooth workflow management.

Real-Time Tracking

Monitor and approve purchase orders instantly with real-time tracking, accessible with just a simple click.

Zapro: Better PO tracking, and so much more

Procurement professionals often find themselves battling inefficiencies in the purchase order process, which can consume valuable time and resources. By utilizing streamlined methods like Zapro Procurement, teams can bypass these hurdles and redirect their focus towards solving more significant challenges using their expertise and analytical skills.

Zapro Procurement simplifies PO tracking and offers comprehensive solutions for various purchasing functions, including purchase requisitions, vendor management, and invoice approvals.

Seeking a digital solution to take charge of your POs? Explore Zapro Procurement and experience the ease of managing the entire PO lifecycle effortlessly.