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Zapro is an comprehensive – AI powered procurement automation platform that includes both sourcing and contracts not just operational procurement
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Module / Feature

Module / Feature

Automated Procurement
Intake Management
Purchase Request
Store Front
Hosted & Punchout Catalogs
Workflow & Approvals
Purchase Order Approvals
Custom Fields
AP Automation
Invoice OCR
PO Flip Invoices
Contract Flip Invoices
Dynamic Discounts
Custom Fields
Contract Management
Contract Request
Contract Repository
Pricing Terms
Contract Signatures
Contract Compliance
Custom Fields
Strategic Sourcing
Sourcing Request
Award Management
Custom Forms
Source Scenarios
Sourcing Templates
Flow Customizations
Travel & Expense Management
Expense Request
Expense Report
Expense OCR
Card Reconciliation
Receipts Inbox
App Integrations
Custom Fields
Data and Analytics
Spend Analytics
Supplier Analytics
Contract Analytics
Value Engineering
Demand Planning
Catalog Integrations
ERP Integrations
Payment Integrations
Supplier PO Integrations
Supplier Inv Integrations
Supplier Payments
Expense Reimbursements
Dynamic Discounts

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Zapro stands out by comprehending business needs, delivering unparalleled scope and versatility, ensuring smooth scalability with the top spend management tool. Experience expansion without change management concerns, powered by our solution.

  • Simple forms lead employees to gather all requirements for all stakeholders.
  • Approval matrix establishes milestones required for various spend categories.
  • Approval rules ensure appropriate stakeholders participate in the process depending on the request.
  • Create custom forms with call-outs for factors like attachments, URLs, text, multiple choice, date, etc., to capture requirements.
  • Configure integrations with software used by stakeholders to trigger and align with existing workflows.


  • Workflow to request and approve temporary change in spend limit for virtual and physical cards.
  • Manage all GL sync rules for virtual cards in one place with bulk-edit workflows. Workflow for manager approval of physical card transactions before syncing to GL.

  • Detailed audit log for all changes made for all cards: spend limits changed, card owners transferred, system-driven locks on the card per compliance policies.
  • Receipt compliance — opt cards out of reminders, lock cards if receipts are not attached within configurable number of days.
  • Proactive fraud alerts and self-serve handling by employees via mobile app / web / email.
  • Subscription management: keep records of contracts / related info when a card is created, and key contact personnel with the vendor.
  • Invoice Capture via OCR, Supplier Portal, PO Flip, Contract Based, Recurring Invoices
  • Invoice processing, matching, and tolerance with 3-way & 2-way matching.
  • Touchless invoice generation for successful matches.
  • Exception and Dispute handling for invoices that fail matching.
  • Customized line taxation for different customer needs.
  • Handling non-PO items in PO-backed invoices and vice versa.
  • Customized & Automated Tax Codes and Tax Rates application at Invoice Header and Line Level.
  • Seamless integrations to ERP’s.
  • Advanced expense policies (time, budget, and field-based policies).
  • Automated GL coding.
  • Receipt inbox to store receipts for later processing.
  • Automatic mileage calculation based on origin and destination address or current location on mobile device.
  • Specify whether an employee is paid via Airbase or through a separate process (helps with international employees).
  • Full expense request creation and approval workflow support on mobile app.
  • Slack integration for employee updates and approval workflow.
  • Specific expense GL categories.
  • Billable expenses.
  • Multi-destination mileage expenses.
  • Granular rule builder for request routing based on department, subsidiary, vendor, amount, GL category, GL tags, and many other dimensions.
  • Additional support for approval policies based on GL tags like class, location, cost center, customer / project, etc.
  • Unique departmental approval policies.
  • Approval groups — require everyone in the group to approve or one member. Sequential and parallel approvals within the group.
  • Separate request routing policies for recurring virtual cards, one-time virtual cards, bill payments, expenses, and POs.
  • Simulate employee requests to make sure your advanced approval policies are correctly defined.
  • Support for fallback approver in case no rules match.
  • Consistent approval workflow experience for requesters and approvers across all non-payroll spend (corporate cards, bill payments, POs, expenses).
  • Build policies with Observers to automatically notify users of relevant events associated with a spend request.
  • Customize your spend request forms to capture the spend information needed by internal teams. (IT, Security, Procurement, etc.)
  • Microsoft Office 365 & Google SSO.
  • Okta, OneLogin and SAML provider SSO support.
  • Automatic provisioning/deprovisioning with 27 HRIS systems, Okta, OneLogin, SCIM.
  • Deep API integrations with QuickBooks Online & Desktop, Intacct, NetSuite, Xero GLs that sync projects, segments, custom fields, and amortization templates (as supported by the GL).
  • Manage all spend request workflows via Slack integration.
  • One platform to manage subsidiaries with consolidated and subsidiary-specific reporting across all non-payroll spend.
  • Support for 200+ countries.
  • Support for 145+ currencies.
  • Free international payments in local currency.
  • Competitive rates for USD wires to other countries.
  • Customizable accounting policies that can be assigned to users provide the following benefits:
  • Set virtual card and physical card sync rules to automatically categorize transactions to the appropriate GL account, subsidiary and tag.
  • Auto-populate GL tags (class, department, location, etc.) based on employee who is spending money.
  • Customize receipt compliance rules. Remove the requirement to upload receipts for expenses under a certain dollar value.
  • Configure which GL categories and tags are shown in drop-downs to users.
  • Set aliases for GL categories at the policy level.
  • Create unlimited accounting policies.
  • Zapro offers a rich mobile app with support for the following workflows:
  • Approvals across all spend methods — corporate cards, bills, expenses.
  • Create a new expense request.
  • Add and upload receipt.
  • Review status of expense requests.
  • Receipt inbox to capture receipts for later attachment to physical card transactions and expense requests.
  • Physical card related workflows — review transactions, attach receipts and categorize transactions, submit transactions for approval, lock / unlock card.
  • Require a W-9 form before bill payment.
  • Easily collect W-9 by inviting vendor to self-onboard in vendor portal.
  • Generate report of vendors who require 1099 to be generated.
  • SOC 1 Type I & SOC 2 Type II Compliance.

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